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DUI Attorney Century City

DUI Attorney Century City If you've searched the term DUI Attorney Century City, then you may have had a little too much fun last night. With the upcoming 4th of July holiday, Los Angeles Law Enforcement Agencies are gearing up for a long week of partying. That means...

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers If you're taking the time to search for Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers online, chances are you're facing some chargers. First off, don't panic. Letting anxiety control your decision-making process after being accused of a...

Century City Criminal Defense Law Firm

Century City Criminal Defense Law Firm Century City Criminal Defense Law Firm isn't a search term you wake up wanting to look for. However, if you found your way to our law firm page, you're in luck, because you've stumbled upon a great law firm. Sacks & Sacks is...

College DUI Attorney Los Angeles

College DUI Attorney Los Angeles College is the beginning of your adult life. For most students, this is the first time they are away from their parents for an extended amount of time. While proud parents have hopes and aspirations that their young adult will succeed...

Criminal Defense Attorney Century City

Criminal Defense Attorney Century City Stefan Sacks is a highly decorated Criminal Defense Attorney. From AVVO to Super Lawyers, he has won countless awards. Mr. Sacks is selective with the cases he represents. Each client and case that Stefan selects to defend are...

Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney If you are a working professional, such as a Realtor or Teacher, and you find yourself facing criminal charges, call our law firm. Stefan Sacks is a Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. He is discreet,...

Young Adult Criminal Defense Los Angeles

Young Adult Criminal Defense Los Angeles From Westlake Village to Beverly Hills, most proud parents do all they can for their kids. Sadly, lots of kids now a days, even kids from good homes, find themselves in trouble. Whether it's issues with drugs and alcohol or...

Criminal Defense Law Firm Reviews

Criminal Defense Law Firm Reviews If you have been charged with a State or Federal crime, you may be searching online for an attorney. If you are not a career criminal, this may be the first time you're looking for a lawyer, and you might not know which law firm to...

Fight a Federal Drug Case

Fight a Federal Drug Case A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer might be your best ally to fight a Federal Drug Case. Sacks & Sacks is a leading, highly decorated, Criminal Defense Law Firm in Los Angeles. We have over 35 years of experience handling Federal...

Top Rated Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Top Rated Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Stefan Sacks is a Top Rated Los Angeles DUI Lawyer. For over 2 decades Stefan and his team at Sacks & Sacks have handled all types of DUI cases. From simple first time DUI's to complex cases, they can fight for you. DUI's need to...

What Happens When “Kids” Make Legal Mistakes?

Just because your son or daughter is a teenager, doesn’t mean they are a mature adult. Even those who are of legal age still  really are not ready for full blown adult hood. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t care. In fact, if the crime is heinous enough, even young teenagers can be tried as adults. Sacks & Sacks KNOWS that even GREAT kids make HORRIBLE choices sometimes. We will FIGHT to defend your children and help get them back on track. Keep reading below for more information, or call us for a free confidential consultation. 

Young Adult Criminal Defense – What can Sacks & Sacks do for YOUR child?

Parents from Westlake Village and Calabasas to Encino and Beverly Hills hope their kids will grow up to achieve amazing things. Proud Mom’s and Dad’s attend little league, work hard to provide for private school, and do their best to install ethics and morals for their young ones. Unfortunately, kids make mistakes. When those bad choices find them in custody, or facing a felony on their adult record, you DO HAVE OPTIONS. But, you need to move quickly.

Sacks & Sacks is a tenured, and trusted Los Angeles Criminal Defense Firm that handles these types of “sensitive” legal situations. We are discreet, always confidential, and also work toward a not guilty verdict. There are even ways we might be able to clean up their record or expunge a charge. Call today to speak directly to our dedicated Young Adult Charge legal team. 

Drug & DUI Related Crimes – How to Defend Your Child in Court

Kids in Middle School and High School get introduced to drugs and alcohol. From football and fitting in to chasing a significant other, kids are pushed into stressful situations. This doesn’t make them criminals, it makes them “kids” and kids make mistakes. 

Sacks & Sacks knows how to handle these types of delicate legal matters. Our office is located in the beautiful Century City area, where your child can feel comfortable telling us their side of the story. If you prefer, we are even willing to meet in your home. Together, all of us can discuss options and how to defend your child’s name, reputation, and record. A felony can cause major problems with their work, career, and future personal relationships. Let Sacks & Sacks FIGHT for your children.

Worried Parents & Troubled Teens – We can Protect their record

Is your child getting into legal trouble, are you worried about them going to jail and tarnishing their reputation for ever? Call Sacks & Sacks today. We understand what you are going through. There are things that can be done to not only defend their name, but also to expunge their record down the road.  A felony conviction may prevent them fro obtaining certain career level jobs. From Real Estate and Medical, to Teaching or Financial Careers, these will be out of reach for a convicted felon.

Sacks & Sacks will fight to protect your good name and they reputation of your child. We are always discreet, confidential, and delicate with these legal situations. Call now.

Defend YOUR CHILD today & protect their reputation

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