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DUI Attorney Century City

DUI Attorney Century City If you've searched the term DUI Attorney Century City, then you may have had a little too much fun last night. With the upcoming 4th of July holiday, Los Angeles Law Enforcement Agencies are gearing up for a long week of partying. That means...

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers If you're taking the time to search for Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers online, chances are you're facing some chargers. First off, don't panic. Letting anxiety control your decision-making process after being accused of a...

Century City Criminal Defense Law Firm

Century City Criminal Defense Law Firm Century City Criminal Defense Law Firm isn't a search term you wake up wanting to look for. However, if you found your way to our law firm page, you're in luck, because you've stumbled upon a great law firm. Sacks & Sacks is...

College DUI Attorney Los Angeles

College DUI Attorney Los Angeles College is the beginning of your adult life. For most students, this is the first time they are away from their parents for an extended amount of time. While proud parents have hopes and aspirations that their young adult will succeed...

Criminal Defense Attorney Century City

Criminal Defense Attorney Century City Stefan Sacks is a highly decorated Criminal Defense Attorney. From AVVO to Super Lawyers, he has won countless awards. Mr. Sacks is selective with the cases he represents. Each client and case that Stefan selects to defend are...

Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney If you are a working professional, such as a Realtor or Teacher, and you find yourself facing criminal charges, call our law firm. Stefan Sacks is a Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. He is discreet,...

Young Adult Criminal Defense Los Angeles

Young Adult Criminal Defense Los Angeles From Westlake Village to Beverly Hills, most proud parents do all they can for their kids. Sadly, lots of kids now a days, even kids from good homes, find themselves in trouble. Whether it's issues with drugs and alcohol or...

Criminal Defense Law Firm Reviews

Criminal Defense Law Firm Reviews If you have been charged with a State or Federal crime, you may be searching online for an attorney. If you are not a career criminal, this may be the first time you're looking for a lawyer, and you might not know which law firm to...

Fight a Federal Drug Case

Fight a Federal Drug Case A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer might be your best ally to fight a Federal Drug Case. Sacks & Sacks is a leading, highly decorated, Criminal Defense Law Firm in Los Angeles. We have over 35 years of experience handling Federal...

Top Rated Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Top Rated Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Stefan Sacks is a Top Rated Los Angeles DUI Lawyer. For over 2 decades Stefan and his team at Sacks & Sacks have handled all types of DUI cases. From simple first time DUI's to complex cases, they can fight for you. DUI's need to...

Areas of Criminal Defense

Sacks & Sacks focuses their entire law firm practice on the defense of those accused of a crime. Both Stefan and Melvyn Sacks are licensed in State and Federal Courts. While their firm takes on any type of criminal case, the areas they feel they excel at are DUI Defense, Drug Related Crimes, White Collar Crimes and Fraud, Sexual Related Charges, and Federal Defense needs. If you have been recently arrested, indicted by the FBI, or if you believe you will soon be getting a knock at your door by the Federal Government, call our law firm today for a confidential consultation.

Fraud & Federal Financial Criminal Defense Cases

We have successfully defended high profile white collar crime cases for over 35 years.

Affordable & Effective DUI Defense Law Firm

We offer affordable DUI defense for simple first time DUI’s, as well as complex DUI defense.

State and Federal Violent Crimes & Sexual Assaults

From simple assault cases and murder to possession of child pornography, we can defend you.

Sacks & Sacks Defense Areas

Los Angeles Drug Crimes Attorney

We handle State and Federal Drug crime charges. From possession with the intent to sell, to large distribution drug busts, we have you covered. Call now to find out what we can do if you’ve been Federally Indicted or if you have been hit with a conspiracy charge. 

Violent Crimes Attorney & Murder

For over 35 years our law firm has handled complex criminal defense cases. From simple assaults and bar fights to rape and murder, we can help defend your rights and work toward the best possible outcome. Call now for a confidential consultation. 

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

Let’s face it, we live in Los Angeles. From Westlake and Calabasas to Woodland Hills and Beverly Hills, we have some of the most amazing restaurants and bars in California. DUI’s happen. We can help defend you. From affordable first time DUI defense to defending complex DUI’s if you are a licensed working professional such as a Doctor or Teacher, we have you covered.  Call now.

Theft & Internet Crimes Attorney

From credit card fraud and identity theft, to high profile SEC and Investment Fraud related charges, we have defended it all. As a tenured Federal Criminal Defense Law Firm we focus on Wire Fraud, Investment and Real Estate Fraud Scams, Ponzi Schemes, Medicare and Medical Fraud Defense, Insurance Fraud Defense, and Mail Fraud. Don’t take on the FBI and the US Attorneys office all alone. Let Sacks & Sacks protect your freedom and financial rights.

Decorated Defense Law Firm

Sacks & Sacks handled ALL FORMS of Criminal Defense. If you didn’t see a certain charge or area of criminal defense listed here, simply call our law firm. Between Melvyn and Stefan, there isn’t a type of criminal case they haven’t seen or handled. For over 35 years they have been considered one of the elite, boutique criminal law firms in Los Angeles. Both lawyers are licensed in State and Federal courts. From AVVO to Martindale Hubbell the law firm has won countless awards and accolades. Call today for a consultation. 

The BEST Offense is a GREAT Defense…


Law Firm Honors & Awards

Both Attorneys Melvyn Sacks and Stefan Sacks have been recognized by their legal peers as outstanding Criminal Defense Lawyers. From AVVO to Martindale Hubbell they have won numerous awards and achieved high honors within the legal community. 


Federal Criminal Defense

Sacks & Sacks is licensed in Federal Courts. For those of you facing Federal Indictments, we understand the level of anxiety you are feeling. Please call us today for a free confidential consultation. We have successful fought against Federal Prosecutors for over 50 years. 


Affordable State Defense Needs

Sometimes clients just need simple assistance with a DUI or a petty Theft Crime. We also handle and help those types of charges. Yes, we are a premier firm, but we also have the flexibility to help those in need with affordable legal fees.

Years Established

Over 1500 cases managed

Sacks & Sacks, Attorneys at Law


“I’ve been fighting for my clients freedom for over 25 years, I’ve seen everything. Experience, in my opinion, makes such a difference, look at sports, the Quarterbacks who have been there before just come through when the game is on the line. That is how I feel when I go up against a prosecutor or get into the courtroom.”

Mr. Stefan Eric Sacks – Decorated Criminal Defense Attorney

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